The Snoezelen Room: Terms and Conditions

Rules for the Use of the Snoezelen Room:

  1. Book 24 hours in advance with the Council of People with Disabilities. You are not to use the room unless booked in advance.
  2. Training sessions are a MUST before using the room.
  3. Waiver must be signed by both the parent and care giver - then returned to the Council before bookings for the room will be accepted.
  4. Cost of the room is $3.00 per child, $6.00 per adult and must be paid prior to the session.
  5. Sessions are 45 minutes maximum. *SESSIONS ARE BOOKED ON THE HOUR* You are required to leave the room on time so no problems will arise for the next booking.
  6. Sessions are usually one child and one adult. A maximum of four children can use the room at one time but we do not recommend it. We would like the children to get the most out of the room and sometimes that requires one on one.
  7. No Smoking, Eating, or Drinking in room.
  8. Remove all outer footwear when entering the room.
  9. Remove objects from pockets (ie: keys, pens, etc.) which could puncture the mats.
  10. Leave the room as you found it: neat & tidy. Paper towels are available if necessary.
  11. Report any problems with equipment to the Administrative Assistant at the Council office (892-9149 ext.221) immediately.
  12. The washroom is not always available - use the washroom before your session.