The Snoezelen Room

The Snoezelen Room is a therapeutic and recreational room beneficial to people with sensory, cognitive and physical disabilities. It was developed to satisfy perceptual needs of people with severe learning, sensory and other disabilities. It has been used in the treatment of children with special needs, individuals with developmental disabilities, those with mental illness and post traumatic stress disorder, autism, chronic pain, stroke, brain injuries, dementia, and other conditions. It promotes relaxation or stimulation, from passive enjoyment to active decision-making. The Room may be used as a component of a treatment or even a treatment in itself.

The Snoezelen Room provides a fun, recreational and multi-sensory, environment for people with disabilities that provides stimulation and relaxation through the use of smell, touch, sound, colour, and light.

It involves a range of sensory stimuli and experiences to absorb, explore, and control in an accessible environment. Trust and relaxation are encouraged in the Snoezelen Room by providing the space, time and access to enjoy sensations. In a safe, comfortable environment, primary senses are stimulated by music, lighting effects and gentle vibrations. Positive effects extend to other settings and stimulation and interaction leads to improved communication. Everybody needs relaxation and enjoyment, including people with disabilities.

The range of sensory stimulations and experiences include:

 If you wish to book the room, please contact the Council’s Administrative Assistant at 892-9149 ext 221. The Council's Community Access worker gives training to family, attendants and professionals on a regular basis. 

The Snoezelen Room is located at the Kay Reynolds Centre, 30 Woodward Drive, in Charlottetown. Woodward runs between Kensington and St. Peter’s Roads in Charlottetown’s Parkdale neighbourhood and is used by people from all over the Island.
There is a small charge of $3 for a child and $6 for an adult per booking.