Employment: Good Reasons to Hire People with Disabilities

Five Good Reasons to Hire People with Disabilities

Hiring people with disabilities is not a charitable act - there are many sound business reasons to hire people with disabilities. Some depend on what industry you are in and what the skills and qualities are that you require from your individual employees. Here, however, are five good reasons to hire people with disabilities:

  1. Changes in the Labour Market
    Statistics Canada reports a declining birth rate and an aging population. This has resulted in fewer entrants into the labour market. Therefore persons with disabilities will represent a great proportion of Canada's workforce in the years to come.
  2. Labour Force Supply
    Approximately 40% of persons with disabilities are unemployed (according to the federal government's Health and Activity Limitation Study). This means that talented and productive individuals are being overlooked and underutilized.
  3. Technology
    Advances in technology continue to create more opportunity for persons with disabilities, both in education and employment. The ability gap is lessening and competitiveness is increasing for these workers and their employers who have access to employment accommodation technology.
  4. Access to Education
    An increasing number of persons with a variety of disabilities are attaining higher levels of academic achievement due to increased access to education. Proportionally, within this population, increasing numbers of people are trained and want to enter the labour market.
  5. Legislation
    Legislation, including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Federal and Provincial Human Right Codes and the Employment Equity Act have been created and/or modified to include the rights of persons with disabilities to have equal access to employment.