Employment: Job Seekers

The Employment Services and Counselling program assists people with disabilities across the province with job search and related issues.

The Council's three offices Employment Specialists provide the following services to job seekers:

Career Decision Making

Through assessment of employment skills and education level, we are able to assist individuals in deciding what career direction they would like to take.

Skills Enhancement

We assist individuals in identifying and applying for appropriate education and training opportunities as well as to appropriate funding sources.

Job Search

Job search skills are taught to better prepare individuals to find and retain employment. Labour market information is also provided, as well as assistance with resume preparation, cover letters, and interviewing skills. We aim to build confidence and assist people with disabilities in achieving independence.

Direct Marketing

Each individual has specific skills which they bring to the job search. Some individuals require more direct support in making contact with employers, which we provide. For individuals lacking work experience, we may contact an employer and create an opportunity.

Employment Maintenance

We provide assistance to both the employee and employer to ensure continued success in the workplace.

Abilities@Work Wage Subsidy Program

Funded in part by the Government of Canada's Opportunities Fund for People with Disabilities, PEICOD is the coordinator of the Abilities@Work wage subsidy program which provides a wage subsidy to employers that hire eligible participants.