Community Access: Access to Services & Opportunities

This service involves advocacy and support for individuals in the areas of accessibility & barrier free design, housing, transportation, education, human rights.

Barrier Free Design

Another facet of this service is the Council's emphasis on barrier free design and physical accessibility to buildings. Many building owners request free "access checks" of their building or of their plans for renovation or construction. Access Department staff will review plans or visit a building to review and report on existing or potential barriers to accessibility in buildings. This allows for building owners, builders or planners to eliminate barriers and allow access to all. In the case of businesses, this means more customers and is of direct benefit to the business owner.Sometimes an access check is complaint driven. When a person with a disability finds that  they can not enter a building, or have other problems with maneuvering in one, they may contact the Council. The Access Department staff would do an access check and contact the building owner about the problem, giving suggestions for remedying the situation.