Community Access: Public Education & Awareness Program

The Council's Public Education & Awareness service aims at informing the general public and decision makers about issues important to the disability community. It focuses on raising awareness of disability issues and promoting education among the general public . The Council makes many presentations to groups, institutions and government every year on a variety of topics. In addition we regularly publish information in our Ability News newsletter, yearly Abilities Forum tabloid, web site and project research and publications.

The Ability News newsletter goes to numerous Islanders, including MLAs, MP's, civic leaders and relevant public servants. It contains articles on Council activities and events and is published quarterly.

The Abilities Forum is a tabloid and is published yearly. It contains articles on disability issues and services and is aimed at the general public as well as at people with disabilities.

The Council also operates this web site, which was launched in Summer 2000.

Council staff, Board and volunteers are involved in numerous presentations to community groups, schools, businesses, government departments and agencies, and legislative committees. There are frequent media stories featuring the Council and disability issues.

The Council has done candidate surveys on disability issues in all federal, provincial and municipal elections since 2000 and published the responses on this web site since 2003.